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Web Design Portfolios - Julius wiedemann


Web Design Portfolios - Julius wiedemann
Web Design Portfolios - Julius wiedemann

First know About Engineering (Web Design Portfolios – Julius wiedemann)

Nowadays, all the children already think about what they want to become when they grow up, due to which the answer of most children is that they have to become “engineers”. And why not dream of doing engineering because nowadays engineering has become the most prevalent course. Every student dreams of doing this and prepares to do it in school. Engineering starts at the school itself. And now you must be thinking how is that good? The students who dream of doing engineering opt for Science stream in school in class 11. It is also necessary to study mathematics and physics in science. And it is necessary to study these subjects in class 12 also, then you will get admission in an engineering college.

Dow you know? What is Engineering (Web Design Portfolios – Julius wiedemann)

To understand engineering in depth, we first know what engineering and engineer mean. Engineering is the name of the course that students do after 12th. After 12th, students can pursue their graduation in B.Tech from a recognized college, which is considered to be the beginning of becoming an engineer. Any student should have at least a 3-year degree or diploma. After 3 years of study, the student can do post graduation in the subject in which they are most interested. After being a post graduate, you will be called “Engineer”. And if someone is interested in research or designing research, he has to do PhD in his field. Now we will tell you how many types of engineering are there.

Types of engineering

Students think of engineering, but some students do not know how many types of engineering are there? And let us also tell you that there are so many types of engineering also, some students do not even know the name. The biggest problem comes when the student does not understand from whom to do post graduation. So today we will talk about the most engineering field as well as the area about which you know little or nothing.

There are Some names below:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Electronics and Instrumental Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Food Processing Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Fashion and technologicalEngineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Agriculture Engineering
  • Aaeronautical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Architecture Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biotechnology Engineering
  • Merine Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Information Technology Engineering
  • Ethical Hacking Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Sport Technology Engineering
  • Sound engineer engineering
  • Energy engineering
  • Photonics engineering
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Reproductive engineering
  • Ceremic Engineering

Electrical engineering (Web Design Portfolios – Julius wiedemann)

Electrical engineering is done by most people. Let’s know what electrical engineering is. The biggest reason for doing this is that this field has the highest scope. As new technology is coming, the importance of electrical engineering is increasing day by day. People from all over a small place to a big place definitely get electrical engineering. Electrical engineering works everywhere from home to any big company, from NASA to the moon. So we can say that if someone has done electrical engineering, he will have many options.

Mechanical Engineering

You should know from the name what is mechanical engineering? Mechanical engineering is the perfect career option for those who love machines. In this field you will be taught everything about machines and you will be surrounded by machines all the time. And nowadays most mechanical engineering is in the news. So for people who love machines, this option is best.

 Civil Engineering (Web Design Portfolios – Julius wiedemann)

Now let us tell you what civil engineering is. The first option of anyone who does engineering is mostly to become a civil engineer. Civil engineer works under the government. Whenever the government has to do any construction such as construction of road, school, hospital etc. then the government gives the responsibility to the civil engineer. The work of a civil engineer is the responsibility of making the whole work policy from the finish to that work. For this, the candidate has to take a 4-year course in Mathematics and Physics.

computer Science Engineering

In the 21st century, the term computer has become very important in everyone’s life. Now let us tell you what computer engineering is. The computer now works every day in some way or the other. Schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, space centers, etc. are used everywhere. If you have made up your mind to become a computer engineer after reading this, then your decision is absolutely correct. Also, given so much use of computers, we can say that there is a lot of scope in computer engineering.

Petroleum Engineering (Web Design Portfolios – Julius wiedemann)

Petroleum engineering is a course that very few people know about. So today we will also tell you about this course here. Those who do this course are trained in drilling and geological data analysis. The most important job of a petroleum engineer is to remove petrol from the ground and put it in a tank safely. Training for similar work is given. Petroleum engineering is a better option if one wants to do something different.

Ocean Engineering (Ocean Engineering)

Ocean Engineering, which we can also call Ocean Engineering. And this is also an engineering course that few people know about. Ocean engineering is a good choice for those who love the ocean and want to do something interesting in the field of engineering. Those who had dreams of going into the Navy but for some reason could not enter the Navy Ocean engineering is a good option for. Through this, those people can remain connected to the sea.

Ethical Hacking (Ethical Hacking) – (Web Design Portfolios – Julius wiedemann)

Hardly anyone has heard of this kind of engineering in which hacking teaches. Yes, let me tell you that ethical hacking is one of the engineering courses. It teaches people to hack computers, which is completely ethical. People who do ethical engineering hack their own company’s data and improve it so that no one else can hack their company’s data. So those who have to do hacking legally, they can do engineering in ethical hacking.

Sports technology engineering

Everyone is interested in sports but not everyone can become a cricketer or a footballer. But it is also not like to always break the ties with the game forever. So even if you have done engineering under pressure, then even after that, there is no need to get away from your pension because you can do engineering in sports technology. In this, you will also be taught how to design and make the equipment of the game used in every game.

Web designing is a part of Computer Science Engineering, as well as Information Technology engineering.

So, First know about – What is web designing (Web Design Portfolios – Julius wiedemann)

Website Designing – Web designing basically means the creation of a website. A web designer is very skilled and attentive in creating a fully functional website. Under this, you are told about how to create a fast and responsive website. In simple words, web design is a process in which we plan to make a website after taking into consideration various facts and after that, according to that plan, the website gives shape-type and color form. While designing the website, not only its color appearance is taken care of, but the information and contents available in the website are visible to the user and how they will work is also taken care of.

Creating a website for a bright future in web designing does not work, but you need to be very aware and creative. Any company or client will take service from you only when you make them website according to web designing trend. As soon as any new trend comes, it directly affects the area of ​​web designing and its demand increases immediately.

Therefore, being a web designer, you will have to keep up with it, only then you will be able to register your presence in it. You can also know the web designing trend through internet. Many such blogs are available, which provide you accurate information about them. If you want, you can also take help from a web designer.

In Short, what is web designing (Web Design Portfolios – Julius wiedemann)

Creating a website on the Internet is like building a house, just like we buy land first to build a house, in the same way, to build a website, first we buy Hosting on which our website is built, then later we design a website such as a house. Let’s prepare the map and looking at the map, we make the whole house, in the same way, looking at the design of the website, an entire website is prepared and this is called web designing.

Web designing has two parts, as I said, first the design is prepared which we design front end and then looking at that design, the whole website will be created with the help of coding. There are different ways in which they both have their different work which is given below

Summary about web designing (Web Design Portfolios – Julius wiedemann)

In the present time, every information that we see on the Internet, we only see it through a website. A website is made up of many web pages. Web designing is to design these web pages and put them in the right place. Web designing is very important to earn money online. You can get a job in good company after doing this course. On this page, what is Web Design (Web Design), the subject of web designing course, fees, salary, is being mentioned.

Internet is being used in almost all the areas of our life, just as we buy a land to build a house, in order to work on the internet, you need a website to work in the home, in the same website, in a home. You can keep the content you need. Web designing is the only way to properly design this website.

Special Words from the editor about web designing

We people have a big deficiency, we never pay attention to the matter of work, our focus is always on the useless things. Focus on things in life, but our focus is more on the useless things. Most people will know about Kapil Sharma but they will not know even the small thing like making Resume. That’s why I think that many people never succeed in life.

We spend thousands of extravagant things like Movies, Entertainment, Fun, which will not give us anything at all, but sometimes even a 200-300 is not going to learn any book or anything that can give us back in lakhs. . My reason for writing all this is that, if you want to know about Web Designing in the article, it does not mean that your focus is not on the right place. If you want to earn money on the Internet, but you do not know about web design, then you cannot earn anything. Run less behind money and more behind knowledge. The more you learn, the more you can earn.

Come on, there is no point Today I want you to decide that you will learn more than 1 hour of the time of day you give to sing TV +. Meaning if you give 3 hours to those useless things, from today you will give 4 hours to learn something. It is not necessary that you learn web designing itself, you should learn anything that you want. Further articles for those who want to learn Web Designing.

Front end web designing (Web Design Portfolios – Julius wiedemann)

As the name itself suggests, first and web designing is done by designing the front. Front end designing is done as we color it outside the house and make it beautiful. In this, care is taken that which items should be placed where so that the incoming user does not have much trouble in finding the content. You must have seen a flower plant in which the flower reflects beauty. We can consider this flower as front end web designing and the stem below which we can consider as back end web designing.

For front end web designing, you have to do basic course of Photoshop. With which you can make a print of any website. After this you need to learn Html ie Hyper Text Markup Language. With which you can create the structure of any website. It is a computer language that designs a website by code. After learning html, try to learn Css. HTML works as a framework for our website and CSS works to convert our same structure into a design. After that you start learning the programming of JavaScript. JavaScript has a design so that any action can be captured. Like you go to a website and click on an icon and there you are shown new content, this work is JavaScript.

Back end web designing (Web Design Portfolios – Julius wiedemann)

As we have told you earlier, what is the work of back end web designing. Based on the same, we are telling you about some such programs below, from which you can do back end web designing.

The easiest language for this is PHP language, although you can do this in web designing and other languages ​​as well, but PHP is the easiest language. And Facebook is also made in Php language. If you want to use high language than this, then you can also learn database language. You can now store anyone’s data in this type of language, although you can also save data in PHP. So this is two languages ​​that you can do back end web designing.

If you learn front end and back end designing then you will become a good level web designer. And you can earn good money sitting at home or even apply for a job in a company. Web designer is going to be very much needed in the coming time because gradually all the work is becoming limited to internet. For this you need to work hard. If you work properly then you can earn good money in this.

In this post you have been told about what is web designing course pdf web designing web designing course fees web designing and computer graphics career in web designing web designing course delhi new delhi delhi web designing course what is web designing course in hindi Apart from this, if you have any question or suggestion, then comment below and ask. And do share this post so that others can also know this information.

Qualification for web design

This question often arises in the mind of a people, what should be our qualification to start our career in web designing. To start with, you can go into it after passing 10 or 10 + 2. If you graduate, then your degree can also be useful for you. For this, you can also take additional diploma course or degree in Computer Science.

To become a web designer, you also need to know about languages ​​like HTML, CSS, JavaScript. You should be aware of the usage of many software. Knowledge in coding and scripting gives you the edge of a good future in its field. Some basic knowledge in the field of Computer and Internet can give you more benefits.

Some design, includes web design

Graphic Design – Although graphic design is a separate subject, but it comes under web designing. This is the craft of creating visual content to make messages happy. Implementing the visual hierarchy and page layout technique, web designers use typography and illustrations to meet the specific needs of the user, as well as focusing on the logic of displaying elements in the interactive design to optimize the user experience. is.

Creating Page Structure – You can also call the page structure of a website. The important role of a web designer is to improve the site structure. Under web designing, the entire structure of the website is prepared, this is done using HTML.

Career in web design

Web designing is the process of creating the complete appearance of a website. A web designer is the one who determines everything about a website. It is a process of organizing the layout, color, text style, image graphics and content of a website in a way. Today, the biggest role in advancing any company or business in the digital world is that of a website.

Through this, you can tell people about yourself. At a time when Internet is available with everyone and people use search engines for any information. So there is a huge possibility of a career or job in the field of web designing. If we talk about the current web designers, then they are working on a good salary. So let’s get to know about it a little deeper.

If you talk about a career in the field of web designing, then after completing its course, you can get a comfortable job in any web designing company. If you want, you can also open a freelance company of your own. There are thousands of companies in India that hire web designer for front end and back end development projects. Apart from this, you can earn a lot more money by creating a website of your own.

Where to start web designing for beginners

Still someone mind searching about, where to start web designing, so todayI will tell you step by step today what to do.

  • Start learning HTML.
  • Simultaneously learn the basic of photoshop, there is no need to go too much advanced in photoshop. Basir should come just.
  • When your hands start moving in HTML, you have started learning CSS.
  • Create something everyday using HTML / CSS.
  • After learning HTML / CSS properly, start learning JavaScript. karo
  • Know JavaScript as basic.
  • Then start PHP, and try creating some projects.
  • Learn how to create websites on WordPress.
  • Now make a simple project using PHP and DataBase together. After doing so much, you will become a good level web design. After so much skill, you can earn money in dollars by word Freelance on the Internet. Or you can apply for a job in a good company.

So, one more time see, what is web designing in short

Web Designing is done to create, update the website. Which includes Webpage Layout, Graphic Layout, Content Production. Web Designing means to create a website. In Web Designing, planning is done to create a website and the website is shaped according to the plan. And the color is determined. The information given on the website that is Contents, how users will be seen and how they will work, all these things are taken care of.

So, see there is nothing special in web designing

You do not need separate qualification to become a web developer. Only you should have knowledge of this field. You should have complete knowledge of Html, PHP, CSS and Java Script. You can become a web developer even without doing engineering. For this, you have to do 12th from BCA, BSC Computer Science, B.com Computer Science subject and after 12th you will have to graduate. If you want then you can also do MCA or MBA It. Know what is necessary Skills for this web developer Kaise Bane.

  • To become a web developer you have to learn HTML. This language is a little technical, but you can learn it by trying. A website cannot be created without HTML.
  • After HTML you will have to learn CSS. After this you can do Styling of a website. CSS is used to give a good look to the website.
  • Having knowledge of HTML and CSS, you will have to learn Java Script. Java Script is also used for animation.
  • Now after all these you have to learn PHP. It is a programming language. Most websites are built on WordPress. If you learn PHP, then you can easily create a theme on WordPress.


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