Higher Engineering Mathematics – B.S Grewal


Name: Higher Engineering Mathematics – B.S Grewal

Author: B.S Grewal

Publication: Khanna publishers

Category: Engineering Books

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Language: ENGLISH

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Higher Engineering Mathematics - B.S Grewal


Higher Engineering Mathematics - B.S Grewal
Higher Engineering Mathematics - B.S Grewal

Summary : Higher Engineering Mathematics – B.S Grewal

Mathematics is to be congratulated for having introduced this paper as a core subject for all the engineering students of B.E./B.Tech. As a teacher who enjoyed teaching this subject for the past two years, I ventured to write this book. This book amply covers the revised syllabus of Anna University. Besides the codes of ethics of Indian professional societies, detailed risk analysis, crisp case studies, short-answer questions, long-answer questions with hints have been added to sustain the interest of the students. I believe the student community and the teaching fraternity will enjoy using this book. The students may even refer this book in their professional career and development.

2 Summary : Higher Engineering Mathematics – B.S Grewal

I thank whole heartedly and record my deep sense of gratitude to Hon’ble Mr. E.V. Velu M.A., beloved Founder-Chairman, Arunai Engineering College, and Er.V. Kumaran, M.E., esteemed ViceChairman, AEC, Tiruvannamalai for their generosity, motivation, and providing all facilities in writing this book. Our thanks are due for the Principal, AEC. Prof. S. Suresh, P.R.O., Mr. R. Selvaraj, A.O., my colleagues, Mr. Mahendran K., and Ms. Sudha who have helped me in preparing the manuscript and illustrations. I thank my wife for having spared much time late in the evenings, through suggestions and proofreading. The energetic and rapid response and yet error-free execution of this project by M/s New Age International (P) Ltd., Publishers, New Delhi deserve to be duly appreciated and thanked. I acknowledge their efforts towards the release of the book in time, to be with the engineers and groomed-to-be professionals

3 Summary : Higher Engineering Mathematics – B.S Grewal

A person’s beliefs, values and identity are usually acquired unconsciously based on his personal
experience or observations of others’ experiences as to what produces desirable or undesirable results
in the environment. A baby’s learning to walk and talk is a clear example of identifying with human
adults, valuing the act of being able to have the mobility and communication ability of an adult and the
belief, based on unconscious observation, that humans can do walk and do talk with each other.
Physiologists have identified the parts of the human brain that are involved in producing behavior
in accordance with beliefs and values. All information collected by human senses is passed through a
net-like group of cells, known as the Reticular Activating System (RAS), located near the top of the
brain stem.

4 Summary: Higher Engineering Mathematics – B.S Grewal

The study on ethics helps to know the people’s beliefs, values, and morals, learn the good and bad
of them, and practice them to maximize their well-being and happiness. It involves the inquiry on the
existing situations, form judgments and resolve the issues. In addition, ethics tells us how to live, to
respond to issues, through the duties, rights, responsibilities, and obligations. In religion, similar
principles are included, but the reasoning on procedures is limited. The principles and practices of
religions have varied from to time to time (history), region (geography, climatic conditions), religion,
society, language, caste and creed.

5 Summary: Higher Engineering Mathematics – B.S Grewal

Alternatively, the service learning may be defined as the non-paid activity, in which service is
provided on voluntary basis to the public (have-nots in the community), non-profitable institutions,
and charitable organizations. It is the service during learning. This includes training or study on real
life problems and their possible solutions, during the formal learning, i.e., courses of study. In the
industrial scenario, adoption, study, and development of public health or welfare or safety system of a
village or school is an example of service learning by the employees. The engineering student analyzing
and executing a socially-relevant project is another example of service learning. The service learning is a methodology falling under the category of experiential education3 .


Citizens who cannot provide for themselves will need a large government to take care of them. Once
citizens become dependent on government for their basic needs, the people are no longer in a position
to demand that government act within the confines of the Constitution. Self-reliant citizens are free
citizens in the sense that they are not dependent on others for their basic needs. They do not need a
large provider-government, which has the potential to become an oppressive government, to meet
those needs. Only a strong self-reliant citizenry will be able to enjoy fully the blessings of liberty.
These civic virtues, applicable to local, state, and central governments, nourish freedom and civil
liberty at the root of democracy.


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