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Name: Handbook of pediatric Dentistry

Author: Angus C. Cameron

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Urodynamics Third Edition By Paul Abrams


Urodynamics Third Edition By Paul Abrams

Summary : Handbook of pediatric Dentistry

Handbooks on paediatrics and more recently, paediatric dentistry, have been produced for some years now, by paediatric hospitals and departments of paediatric dentistry in Australia, to assist trainee staff with ready-reference access to advice on common paediatric problems.This new more comprehensive publication is the outcome of an enthusiastic response to the first Handbook of Pediatric Dentistry from the Department of Paediatric Dentistry at Westmead Hospital Dental Clinical School and the University of Sydney, edited by Angus C Cameron and Richard P Widmer.

2 Summary : Handbook of pediatric Dentistry

In this new publication, there are additional contributions from members of the Australasian Academy of Paediatric Dentistry and the Australian and New Zealand Society of Paediatric Dentistry, and the authors have included many tables and colour plates. The addition of these good quality colour illustrations of dental abnormalities is an important adjunct to the written descriptions of disorders and facilitates diagnosis.Most orofacial disorders in children have a developmental basis. Lesions or conditions may be present at birth, or become evident soon after. They may appear, change character or arrest and regress (or disappear) as growth proceeds. Certain diseases are inherited and others may be acquired from parents, siblings or other children, but for many, the actual aetiology is still unknown.

3 Summary : Handbook of pediatric Dentistry

While we may not yet know the precise cause of many conditions, we do know how to manage them – often in close coop-eration with our paediatric medical and surgical colleagues. This handbook sets out, in concise form, the essentials. Management of children with, e.g. oral and dental trauma, dental caries, oral infections. Cardiac disease, endocrine, haematological and oncological disorders, and those who have received organ transplants. Dental practitioners and students need information on all of these areas of dental care for children, on a daily basis.

4 Summary: Handbook of pediatric Dentistry

or the clinician, it is striving to practice with a mindset that is tempered and improved by life-long learning. We practice that brings with it the immense, spiritual satisfaction of helping others. A recent declaration from the United Nations provides a new impetus. This integration to be actively promoted by dental clinicians.

5 Summary: Handbook of pediatric Dentistry

e summit called for sustained action to address the rising burden of non-communicable disease such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, with oral diseases as an integral part. They are part and parcel of the global silent tsunami of chronic disease. It is widely accepted that there is strong evidence that the general health status of young children directly influences their health, development and wellbeing throughout life.


What is our role in society? Paediatric dental clinicians need to be integral in this drive to raise awareness of the problems to which poor oral health leads. There needs to be a greater involvement with our local “health community” and regular communica-tion with all our other health colleagues, health bureaucrats and government organiza-tions. This contact may be in the form of a “care plan“ for a patient, sent to their general medical practitioners; or outlining concerns about a government programme to bureaucrats. Whatever the activity, it will help raise awareness of paediatric dental health. While there is a perception that we are only paediatric dental surgeons, we should also act as paediatric oral physicians. In some ways, this concept is understood better by our fellow paediatric health practitioners. It embraces the aspiration of total patient care, a model expressing the broad scope of child development and oral health.

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