NCERT – Official NCERT Textbooks

The NCERT (National Council Of Education Research And Training) is an autonomous Organisation of the Government of India. It was established on 1 September 1961 but it was founded 2 months back on 27 July 1961. It is founded as a literary, scientific, and charitable Society under the Societies’ Registration Act.

About LOGO:

The design of NCERT logo has been taken from the 3rd BC of Ashoka dynasty. And my friend you know the symbol was found in the excavations near Maski, Raichur district, Karnataka. The motto of in the logo was written in Sanskrit which means “life eternal through learning”.


The motto of NCERT is also to provide beneficial literacy over the country. In easy language of English in the least expensive and in affordable price. They also endorsed the policy and adoption of uniform pattern for education over the country (India). And it comes for 10 years of general education program. Also the Curriculum for the Ten-year school framework came in 1975.

Main motive to launch NCERT :

  • To provide better education
  • Better training for national and state organizations including teachers
  • An innovative way to shift from the rote learning methodology
  • To experiment with education to do better
  • To collaborate with international, national as well as state organizations (but nowadays NCERT is only on national and state level).


NCERT publishes textbooks of all classes from 1st to 12th . It publish basically in three languages (English, Hindi, Urdu), for better understanding. And you know it publish Books only for CBSE syllabus. They have also sole authority and responsibility to publish books for CBSE (Central Board Of Public Examinations). From 2018 NCERT got full right to publish all books for CBSE. And from 2018 CBSE will only conduct examinations for students.

The textbooks of NCERT are published under NCERT Publications at Sri Aurobindo Marg – Delhi. And the Head office of NCERT is situated in New Delhi. Nowadays NCERT has more than 246 books for CBSE students. I think we all have studied NCERT books at our old days in schools. Nowadays also these textbooks are the first choice of students. The NCERT updates his textbooks after every 10 years. In 2017 the they makes 1334 changes in his textbooks.

The NCERT publishes his textbooks only for CBSE students, and nowadays it is very useful for CBSE students. As well as the students who are preparing for any competitionalso. They can take help to clear his/her base or doubt from NCERT textbooks. NCERT Text Books are the first things that students have while aiming for Something.


They have also launched the App of NCERT named e-pathshala in mid of 2016 by HRD minister of that time. And in 2017 they also launched website for Home Delivery of Board Books. By simply providing your Board’s affiliation number. Also you can’t have to make any payment at the time of placing order. If you are ordering then you have to only pay for postal charges. As the official said in the mid of 2017 and you will get the Books at your doorsteps. In case of unavailability of Books, you have to buy from private shops and publishers.


Nowadays Dr. Hrushikesh Senapaty is the Director and Dr. Sridhar Srivastav is the joint Director of NCERT.

Where to download NCERT E-BOOKS :

My friend you know, internet has various of websites and all are surrounded by many adds. They also gives you a lot of problems to download the E-BOOK. If you got the final link to download then you will see the all BOOKs are in chapter wise pdf. That will give you lot of problems to download books in chapter wise. Also that will take your more time, and you know for nowadays how much time matters.

So don’t worry we (Learning Peeps) have the best solution for that, to make your work easy. Now see what you have to do. My friend you have to simply click on below links which our team has given class-wise including all subjects. With fully combined PDFs of different-different subjects in one click. That will make your work easy and to save your time. And we also don’t charge any amount for that. it is fully free of cost for you.

you can download free all E-books of NCERT in PDF format. By simply clicking on your class from the below list.